Whenever I've been troubled, its been because I haven't accepted the circumstances I've been in. Of course after reading page 449 (417 in 4th edition) a few hundreds of times...I felt better.

There came a time though that page 449 (417 in 4th edition) just wasn't quite enough...that is page 449 (417 in 4th edition) is what to do but I needed the how to do. This quote from William James has supplied my how:

How to cope with unpleasant conditions? Be willing to have it so! Acceptance of what has happened is the first step in overcoming the consequences of any misfortune. Don't fight - if you can't beat it - ACCEPT IT. Be willing to have it so. Then adjust. When fate closes one door, Faith opens another. Seek the open door.

William James
(Verities of Religious Experience)

How I learned to put the how into practice: I used to work for an insurance company that sent little yellow notes that turned down new business (and my commission). I, of course, would get angry, even though I could do nothing to change it. I would go out for a walk and keep saying to myself "are you willing to have it so?". "NO!" I would keep walking asking myself "are you willing to have it so?". Eventually I would finally say to myself "all right, I'm willing!" Things changed within me instantly and the weight lifted off my soul. I would go back to my office with a whole new attitude. AA is Altered Attitudes!

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