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Another 20 Questions (for recovering alcoholics)

1.    Do you find more time for work these days?
2.    Has your home life become happier?
3.    Do you find that you are less shy with other people?
4.    Is the fact that you are not now drinking affecting your reputation?
5.    Are you waking up in the morning without guilt or remorse?
6.    Are your financial difficulties becoming easier to manage?
7.    Do you turn to sober companions and a superior environment?
8.    Are you now more concerned with your family's welfare?
9.    Has your ambition increased?
10.  Do you have a craving to pray and meditate at a definite time daily?
11.  Do you feel gratitude when you wake up in the morning?
12.  Do you sleep better?
13.  Is your efficiency increasing?
14.  Is not-drinking affecting you in your job or business?
15.  Do you deal with your troubles and worries head-on?
16.  Do you find it easier to live with yourself?
17.  Is your memory improving?
18.  Has your doctor recently commented on improvement in your health?
19.  Is your self-confidence increasing?
20.  Have you ever been asked to share your story with others?

If you have answered YES to one of the questions, you just may be a recovering alcoholic.

If you have answered YES to two or more, it is probable you are a recovering alcoholic.

If you have answered YES to three or more, you are definitely a recovering alcoholic.

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