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In an ancient Indian story, a king called Vipashchit breathed his last and journeyed to the afterlife. He had been such a kind ruler that the devas in heaven were all anxious to set him up as their teacher and guide. When Vipashchit reached his destination, he was welcomed with smiles and embraces and even tears of gratitude.

Some time passed, and Vipashchit settled down in satisfaction to his new life. Heaven, he remarked to one of his new companions, was a happier place than he had ever dreamed it could be. "Heaven?" the man replied. "This isn't heaven, your majesty! This is hell. The people here are miserable, but in your presence their suffering turns to joy."

Just then some heavenly messengers arrived with abject apologies that a terrible mistake had been made. "All of us in heaven are waiting for you, O Great King," they said.

Vipashchit looked around and smiled. "I am staying here," he replied. "I have already found my heaven."

Your mental state is paramount; it can make your life hell or heaven whatever the surroundings!

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