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Ten Little Alkies

10 Little Alkies all in a line; one got to thinking; then there were 9.

9 Little Alkies; one said "Wait! Just one won't hurt!"; then there were 8.

8 Little Alkies looking up to heaven; one cut out meetings; then there were 7.

7 Little Alkies loading up bricks; one started grumbling; then there were 6.

6 Little Alkies glad to be alive; one smoked pot; then there were 5.

5 Little Alkies going out the door; one played big shot; then there were 4.

4 Little Alkies watching TV; one drank Near Beer; then there were 3.

3 Little Alkies knew what to do; one rewrote the Big Book; then there were 2.

2 Little Alkies needed some fun; one started cheating; then there was 1.

1 Little Alkie talking to H.P., "If only one is sober, I'm sure glad it's me!"

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