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Jim Barricks Home Page with tons of Recipes, Links, Wise Sayings and Photos of family, friends and travel.
Jim Barricks Links
You are about to be transported to some of my favorite places. The links connection is a collection I have been cultivating for years. They are checked monthly to assure being up to date. If you find any that need to be corrected, please e-mail me right away.

Now we are going into FOOD!

Recipe Links
Since my hobby is cooking, I'd like to share some of my favorite recipes with you. Over the years I have gone from voracious meat eater to strict vegetarian to a somewhat healthy balance. You will find most of the collected recipes listed are low-fat and low-cholesterol. They are all alcohol-free! I will be adding to this collection from time to time as I come accross new and tantalizing ideas.

Now we go into the Photo Album.

Photo Album
This collection will be direct from my photo album to you. It will span the ages from my childhood, adulthood, marriages, family, trips and friends. I hope you love them as I do. I will be adding to this album as I travel.

Now we are going to my collection of sayings!

When I first started to collect these sayings, it was to save my life. Eventually, I started to save little tidbits that inspired me to look at life and people in a different light. I hope they will be of some help to you. I am always interested in new inspirations so please e-mail me.

This is the Home Page of Jim Barricks. Hope you will come back soon.

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