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May all beings be filled with peace
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  1. Dhammapada - Sayings of the Buddha
  2. Meditation
  3. Buddhist Tales for Young & Old (Vol. 1) 'Prince Goodspeaker' (Illustrated Version).pdf
  4. Buddhist Tales for Young & Old (Vol. 2) 'King Fruitful' (Illustrated Version).pdf
  5. Buddhist Bibliography
  6. Buddhist Glossery
  7. Buddha Pictures  
  8. My Trip to Thailand Buddhist Templeswalking elephant
  9. Zen Puzzle
  10. About Dharma
  11. Access to Insight: Readings in Theravada Buddhism
  12. Buddha Net
  13. Buddhism in a Nutshell
  14. Buddhist Pilgramage in India
  15. Buddhist Sacred Site: Buddhist Monks at Bodhi Tree
  16. Buddhist Screen Savers
  17. Buddhism Studies WWW Virtual Library
  18. Culasunnatta Sutta
  19. Dhammapada
  20. Dhammapada
  21. Dharma the Cat ~ Humour
  22. DharmaNet International
  23. E-Books on Buddhist Meditation
  24. Government of Tibet in Exile
  25. Introduction to Falun Dafa Buddha Law
  26. Jade Buddha
  27. Kalapa Recordings
  28. Kurukulla Center for Tibetan Buddhist Studies
  29. Lama Surya Das ~ Buddhism for the West
  30. Languages and Scripts of India
  31. Los Angeles Shambhala Center
  32. Mahabodhi
  33. Mahayana Tradition: Teachings
  34. Meditation Links
  35. Nibbana Theravada Buddhism
  36. Religion Facts: Buddhism
  37. Sacred Texts: Buddhism
  38. Stories from Indian Mythology by Kids Corner
  39. Suggested Readings
  40. Theravada Buddhism
  41. Tibetan Book of the Dead
  42. What do you think, my friend
  43. Zen Texts
  44. Zen Space

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  1. Buddha Garden
  2. Buddha Statues for Sale
  3. Chopa Imports: Buddhist Supplies
  4. Dharma Crafts
  5. Exotic India
  6. Four Gates: Buddhist Supplies
  7. Garuda Trading
  8. Golden Buddha
  9. Great Oriental Gifts
  10. Hither and Yon Tibetan Buddhist supplies
  11. Mandalas - Buddhist Art
  12. Mercury Treasures Feng Shui Store
  13. Photo Archive of Buddhist Life
  14. Silver Sky Imports
  15. Taraco: Buddhist Thangkas and Rupas
  16. Thai Exotic Treasures

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  1. Butterfly Journal
  2. Tharpa.org Books
  3. Tricycle: The Buddhist Review

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  1. Vegetarian Recipes
  2. Vegetarian Recipe Links
  3. Vegetarian Society of United Kingdom
  4. Veggies Unite
  5. Vegsource.org

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Buddha's Birthdate is April 8th, 563 B.C.

Aum Mani Padmé Hum or Om Mani Padmé Hung or Om Mani Peme Hung
"The All is a precious jewel in the lotus flower which blooms in my heart". (92k .wav file)

In the Chandogya Upanishad it is said:
The essence of all beings is the earth.
The essence of the earth is water.
The essence of water is the plant.
The essence of the plant is man.
The essence of man is speech.
The essence of speech is the Rigveda.
The essence of Rigveda is the Samveda.
The essence of Samveda is OM.
Thus OM is the best of all essences, deserving the highest place.    (OM by Nitin Kumar)

Om Gate Gate Paragate, Parasamgate, Bodhi Svaha
        meaning (depending on the translation):
"Om Beyond, Beyond, the Great Beyond, Beyond that Beyond, to Thee Homage" or
"Om gone, gone, gone beyond, gone completely beyond; praise to enlightenment" or
"Om Beyond, beyond, totally beyond, perfectly beyond: Awakening ....Yes!".

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